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Tina Benaim

Food is everything!

Tina is a qualified chef who worked in 5* hotels, in chalets and private yachts. Her passion for cooking took her around the globe for many years from the Gold Coast in Australia, Hamilton Island, the Carribean, Mallorca, Cote d’Azur, Val d’Isère and London. She finds her inspirations in travel, her ingredients and the hundreds of recipes books she has. 
She is passionate about what she does and she only delivers the best. That’s the way she lives and work. 
Tina grew up in Woodford Cheshire and after more than 20 years of travels she finally settled in Alderley Edge in 2018. She always wanted to have her own space to create and to offer what everyone truly deserve: Real Food! Tasty, fresh, local, seasonal, and affordable food cooked daily with love and passion. 

Tina is married to Mickael (a French man she’d met in Manchester) and the proud mum of two beautiful boys: Louis and Raphael. Dude, the rescue dog, completes the family!

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